The power of sharing the good vibes

Dear readers,

It’s been a long journey, but finally, after a few months of trials, errors, drafts and (way too many) wrong posts, my new site is born!

I am so glad to launch this new blog and I hope it will give you sparkles of positivity, useful tips, joy and constant inspiration!

If you have followed me on my previous blog, you may know that I love sharing the good vibes 🙂 I have written about many, different topics: the magic of music; apple seekers in the U.S.; gratitude; mandala and the importance of reconnecting to your inner child.

Due to that, I came to realize that my original project – Not your typical news – was about to be broadened to a more vast and diverse range of topics. I found out that the common denominator in each post was personal growth and positivity. Therefore, I sat down, brainstormed for a while about the possible names, looked for a new and user-friendly layout… that’s more or less how “The Good Vibes Revolution” was born.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, you may guess that the process was longer than expected. Indeed, everything looks cooler when it’s done… but the journey that leads to the final outcome is the actual challenge. Finally, I am happy to be here, with my new site.

A new, multi-content site

What to expect from this site? As every project that has just started, at the beginning there seems to be a wide variety of topics and new ideas come almost everyday.

As a passionate person with many interests and skills, I wanted to talk about almost everything:

Music. Oh, man, I could spend my whole day listening to my favourite artists and discovering new music. There some kind of magic in that. Books. Give me a good book, a cup of tea, and I can survive for a week without any interaction with the world outside! Travel. The sensation of leaving home with your backpack with a handful of clothes and a lot of dreams… somehow amazing. Cooking. My new mission: share the good food all over the world! Technology. With so many tutorials and failed trials, why don’t I set up a nice guide to make your own website? Cats. No idea why. I just love cats.

Well, you got me… this could go on forever as there’s plenty of things I love, but I had to choice. And, man, it’s been a hard choice!

Eventually, I realized that there are so many things I am passionate about, but not so many things I can write about. The more I span over different topics, the more I am prone to fail. I end up talking about everything and nothing at once. I definitely achieve better results when I focus on something.

Share the good vibes, spread positivity!

What can I do best in my daily life? According to my friends, to make people laugh. I have always thought that picking up a red nose and starting to tell jokes would have been the best career for me, but somehow I have never applied to do that.

Who knows, maybe in the future… 😉

Let’s focus on the present. What you can expect from my new site is a place where you can head to when you want to get some positivity. The perfect place to read about personal growth and motivation, or get inspired by the stories of people like me and you that have managed to realize their dream.

I believe that spreading optimism and try to look at the bright side is a good way to lift our mood when we have a bad day. I am here to remind you that!

The power of positivity is incredible. Have you ever noticed how your mood gets lifted up when you spend time with positive people? Have you ever experienced the power of a smile?

That may sound cliché, but that’s actually true. Try to spend one day surrounded by negative people and then go back to an optimistic environment. There’s a huge difference. And you can choose where to stand.

Surround yourself with the best people to have around. Do it as an act of love and kindness to yourself.

One last thing!

You may have reached me through social media, or maybe a friend of a friend shared this article with you.

What about getting newsletters directly by me? If you enjoy my blog and want to be constantly updated about my new posts, I have some good news for you! You can follow the blog to get your constant dose of positivity and inspiration.

I am constantly working at my new posts. Writing is a passion and my aim is to offer high-quality, uplifting and always original content. Meanwhile, have a great day and stay tuned!

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