A few reflections about inner balance

We are constant wanderers. Both on the inside and outside. We find hard to concentrate on a task for more than a few minutes and we feel the need to escape our routine when it becomes too much.

We are connected with and deeply influenced by the environment that surrounds us.

Everything that happens around us has the power of lifting us up or pulling us down and influencing our mood. We may feel nervous, anxious, happy, joyful, stressed, according to the people that surround us and the events we come across during the day.

As a consequence, we can deduct that what happens on the outside changes our inner world, in that limitless spiral of bonds and connection we all are involved in.

What if we start believing that our inner world may actually change our surroundings? If we try to look at things from this perspective, new and exciting opportunities may come on our way.

Sometimes, we rely too much on external sources of well-being. I am not saying we don’t have to give credit and listen to our teachers, mentors and the people who care about us. What I want to point out is that doing that, we often forget to listen the one that knows way better than others what to do in every situation: I, myself.

When asked for advices, a friend of mine used to smile and wisely answer: listen to your heart.

Man, I totally believe that she nailed it!

Find inner peace everywhere

To find peace and inner balance means also being comfortable with yourself despite of where you are.

For many years, I related inner peace to monastic silence, absence of distractions of any type, to make it short: to a peaceful environment.

Lately, I’ve realized that the actual peace comes when we’re able to stay calm and present even in the middle of a turbulent, noisy and energy-draining environment.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

We often postpone healthy practices such as introspection, meditation, fasting or prayer because we tend to think that we are not in the right place to do that.

We don’t live eternally and can’t wait to go to a hidden place in the Himalayas or to a monastery to start practising self-care and spiritual practices.

Don’t wait any longer. Take care of your inner balance. Do it for yourself, do it now.

And, if it’s needed, go through the storm, whatever that means. If you are in an energy-draining environment and all you want to do is to escape to an utopian place of peace and serenity, please, don’t leave. Stay there, be resilient, become stronger. Find peace and happiness there, where you can see only chaos. Transform your surroundings.

Find your balance right now and right here.

Cover picture from Aziz Acharki on Unsplash.com

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