About me

Hey there! My name is Claudia; I am the founder of The Good Vibes Revolution. I’m a traveller, music lover, an enthusiastic dreamer and lifelong learner… and much more. 🙂

Why this website?

The idea of launching The Good Vibes Revolution came to me because I was tired of the negative news that pull us down. That’s not a site about positive thinking, though.

I write about self development, motivation and resources that can help us achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life. I believe that every single step we take towards a better life leads to a positive change in our environment. Small actions from each of us matter.

My dream is to inspire people and help them to find motivation. Come and join me in this journey!

My story

After several years pursuing a career in which I didn’t feel identified, I decided to give a turn to my life. Even if I didn’t notice that, I was permanently flooded with negative emotions, and I was complaining every day about how sad I was, how unrealized I felt.

I was complaining because my life didn’t meet my expectations. Because I felt stuck in a job I didn’t want. I complained that I didn’t have enough time for my hobbies…

I always craved for more.

I felt trapped, and I was sure the life I was living wouldn’t have let me be happy.

At one point, I decided to give a turn to my life. Indeed, I felt a huge sense of relief and – maybe for the first time in a while – I was sure I took the right decision.

Very soon after that decision, I worked hard to give a new direction to my life. As some friends of mine had suggested me, I linked the dots and this led me to the next step.

The first step towards “The good vibes revolution”

I spent one year volunteering and travelling, and I had the time of my life. Inspiring people, wild places, crazy and genuine experiences… all of this contributed to find a renewed motivation and a feeling of purpose.

It was a very formative experience, after which I found out I was still able to be cheerful, spontaneous, optimistic.

That’s how I got the idea of starting a project that could bring some good vibes to the people around me. I started small and decided to bring some joy to the little town I was working in. Soon after, thanks to a better knowledge of online tools, new ideas popped up in my mind.

As a joined a new, enthusiastic team, I was offered to start a radio rubric or an online platform. That’s how I launched “Not your typical news”, a radio project aimed at sharing positive news and inspiring stories from people all around the world. Starting a blog was a natural consequence of my radio shows and led me to open and run a website.

Here we are!

Very soon, the project broadened to a more variegated range of topics. I started writing regularly and increased the number of my posts, with a very diverse content.

New, exciting ideas came to my mind – and this led me here! I decided to combine two passions – personal development and writing – with my ability to bring positivity to people. That’s how The Good Vibes Revolution was born.

Knowing that through my words and actions I can lead someone to a positive change, makes me feel grateful and motivated to keep going on this journey.

So, here I am. That’s the start of another exciting and challenging adventure – what I will learn, where this will lead me? Only time knows. Meanwhile, I enjoy the journey.