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If you are looking for some insights and reflections on personal development, take a look at the Motivation and tips section. I believe that sharing some words about challenging periods we have gone through in our life is a powerful way to help others. Indeed, it can shed some light on our struggles, bring people together and enhance empathy and tolerance. We are all unique, yet all connected.

During the years, I have met an incredibly high number of amazing, talented and genuine people who live according to their true nature and pursue their passions. That’s why I wanted to collect some of the most inspiring stories and share them. Believe in yourself, as you are the main responsible for your own happiness and fulfilment. If you want to read more, you can check the Inspiring stories section.

Last but not least, check the Resources for personal growth section, where you can find tips and useful resources. Books, websites, podcast, TED Talks, and much more!

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